Sunday Morning

We were busy yesterday- We started our day by picking strawberries and were done by 9:30. Then, we went to the Oakbrook/Ashley Riverfest. The fact that it was free caught our attention. We parked at the BI-LO and rode the bus to the Jessen Boat Landing and got a hand stamp so we could go to Fort Dorchester and not have to pay an admission fee. It was an interesting adventure. So, we loaded onto a school bus, rode over to the landing, got off the bus, got the stamp, and got back on the bus! I think the purpose of this trip was for us to spend money at the vendors there, but they really didn’t have anything we wanted! Then we rode the bus over to the Fort and enjoyed a bit of living history from the Revolutionary War era. We both love that park-we have only been once before, but there just seems to be a peaceful feeling there that we enjoy.

After that we rode the bus back to the BI-LO and drove over to the Frothy Beard microbrewery to give them a couple of the jugs we have collected. We tasted their Coconut brew, and it was good-those guys are having a lot of fun brewing beers with flavor, so it makes it fun to taste them. Another had ginger in it, so it was kind of like having Japanese food! The last time we were there they had a Jalepeno beer, and that was like eating Mexican food!! This time we were lucky enough to watch one of the brewers in various stages of the brew making and that was a treat!

After that, it was time to head home and get a little scrapbooking done-after all it was Inter National Scrapbooking Day! I made a couple of pages and then this morning I posted a few more to Instagram-I plan to post 4 more to make a total of 20 for the holiday. The folks at Big Picture Classes are trying for 10k to be posted before the end of the week end and they are at 5k + now, so it just might happen!

Today we plan to wash clothes, make jam, go for a ride, and I want to finish up 4 more pages! Tomorrow is our 19th wedding anniversary, where has the time gone?

Oh, and did I mention that I love our Sheppie dogs-there is no better way to wake up in the morning than to have a Sheppie dog or two give you a good morning snuggle!

I did have a realization this morning- The past couple of weeks have been hard, I had a toothache, and then an allergic reaction to antibiotics and was just having a difficult time seeing the positive, and apparently when I feel that way, my scrapbooking creative mojo slips away- I am back seeing the glass half full now and the pages are happening again- Hurrah!


Still Riding

When the weather is nice here, it is really nice, and then when it isn’t, well it isn’t! The rain makes the green, and we love the green, but we do not love the rain.

We were really busy this weekend, we rode both days, picked strawberries, made jam, spend time with family, and finally cut down the arm of the futon so it will fit in the cargo trailer. We are trying to get everything in there that we will want to travel with so that we can then, put in some rings to tie things down as we drive down the road.

April 10-9.17 miles

April 11-8.28 miles

April 26- 6.71 miles

April 27- 5.88 miles

Spring break came and went without much riding, there was rain, and when there wasn’t it seemed like I was exhausted. We had Jaxx neutered, so he couldn’t go, so we didn’t either!


School goes on- just 2 weeks until the AP exam, so I am continuing to have my students write twice a week, which means I am reading at least 140 essays a week, no wonder I am tired!

I am taking a photoshop artistry class to kick up my photoshop skills which has sure slowed down my scrapbooking. I never should have taken 2011, 2012, 2013 off-but I finished 2012 & 2013 and am working on 2011. At this point, I don’t think I will have that done before we go on vacation and collect thousands more photos!

Sat ride

I am a bit sore today after our 11 1/2 mile ride. The distance isn’t really that much, but I towed the trailer with the pups for an hour or so of our 1 1/2 hour long ride. We weighed the boys this morning and combined they weigh 96lbs, so that is a bit of weight!


We are still looking for the perfect affordable dog harness for our shepherds.

Howling dog has one that seems to be affordable, and it is built for distance but the hook is at the top…products_id=94

And then there is the Dean & Tyler harness that has a ring on the side, but it is nearly double the price…ess-p/dth6.htm

And there is the K-9 which is about the same price as the Dean & Tyler…rings-p-7.html

I like the side ring, but I worry about the thickness of the harnesses that have the side ring- I guess I want what isn’t available, a thinner harness like the Howling Dog with a side ring! Anyone see one like that?


Work, Rain, Ride, Work, Rain…

I last posted March 25, which seems like years ago. I have only ridden twice since then, 3 miles on April 1st with the dogs-they ran/jogged 1 1/2 miles in 15 minutes and then I trailered them the other 1 1/2 miles. So far, they are only content in the trailer for about 1/2 mile before they start “talking” to me. My husband then rides next to the trailer and they calm down. We are trying to train, so we hope to take the dogs out every other day and build their distance weekly.

We both rode on April 2-about 5 1/5 miles after work.

On April 3, my husband took the dogs out on his trike around the neighborhood, but didn’t have the Walkie Dog and he won’t do that again. We just need to keep them at the safe distance the walkie dog affords.

Today, before it warms up, we hope to go for another ride, with the dogs and the trailer.

My district, in its infinite wisdom has scheduled spring break to begin at the end of next week-it is too late- everyone, the teachers, the students, I think even the building is tired and needs a break! Especially since every day seems to bring a new challenge, not from the students, but from the bureaucracy that controls our lives. It’s a right to work state, so they can pretend we are work horses and act accordingly-no wonder so many folks call in sick every day!